Why you should be watching AGDQ this week.

- You might see a world record broken.

These guys study their hobby harder than most people do their jobs.  Hell to some of them, this is their job, subsidized by streaming revenue.  If there is a way tocomplete a game faster, they will find it.  Often times, by sheer force of will.

24 Hours, 2 Buttons

- The people are entertainers.

Let's be honest, we've seen some old speedruns that were dull as dishwater.  People sitting on a couch watching one dude violently rub his character against a wall until he clips through it cannot keep us happy for hours.  Fear not, however, since some of the runners and their friends are incredibly entertaining.  There are some great runs out there with very funny couch accoutrements.  The following Link to the Past run sticks out in my mind as one I frequently watch, and whilst the skills are impressive, I stay for the commentary.

Them translation skills

- They often race, with explosive results.

I cannot personally think of many tasks you could set 2 skilled people doing, for 30 minutes, and expect them to finish within 1 second of each other.  However, this is exactly what happened this year when 2 runners raced to finish the classic, Super Mario Kart.  The ending is priceless.

Just one second

- Charity.

Events like this are rarefied. They unite people under a common banner - Charity.  We're playing games because we enjoy them, we're very good at them and oh by the way we're raising millions for charities around the world.  Some of these guys pull days without sleep just to keep the show going, to keep the entertainment pumping out, which keeps the donations coming in.  

Another great show has kicked off this January, so tune in and if you like what you see, think about donating.

Did I mention you can win a Pinball machine this year?


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