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Indie Awareness - Terraria

Hoping to make this a bit of a regular thing, I thought I would take some time out to write about one of the games that has recently grabbed me once again.  Let me give a little history:

Last year my friends and I picked up this small game on Steam, +Terraria, very much riding on the coat tails of Minecraft, and figured we would give it a shot.  Little did we know it would consume our evenings and weekends for a good month.  Each night logging onto our own server to run around mining, creating, falling, getting up again, mining some more... We even discovered a 'hard' world, which came as a surprise considering the difficulty of a certain wall of flesh boss that we, in our pitiful gear and bow and arrow pings, had battled to the death many a time.  Our deaths, mostly.

We even built our own castle.  

Then shopkeeper's moved in, a jungle was discovered, and even a dungeon at the far end of the map.  We discovered new metals to mine, new weapons to make, new accessories and enemies to defeat.  This is indie, creative, open world heaven.  In fact it is so open to your whim, that we decided one day to dig directly down from our castle and create our own 'Hellavator' to reach the hell level in one drop.  Sure, we used a small fortune in explosives, spent hours removing the lava in our way, and there is a good chance you might die if an enemy gets in the way of your drop, but we didn't care.  It was, and still is, fun.  Besides, there's nothing quite like a small, insignificant low level bat ruining your well equipped, rich, high geared friend's day just by being in the wrong place.

I have recently played the game again and it has lost none of its shine.  There is something special about being dumped in a world that you can gleefully destroy and collect in the same breath, in whatever way you feel.  Want to live in a cave, run out at night to salvage and fight as much as you can, then retreat?  By all means, go ahead.  Want to get a group of friends together and build a castle, then rampage over the foreign lands laying waste to it all?  By all means.

This is a brilliant little game.  No other game offers this value for money either.  You can get it for pennies on Steam now.  You waste more money than you'll pay just thinking about games good enough to spend money on.  Pick this one up, you will not regret it, and I'll see you in a month when you get out the other end.


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