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FF7 on Steam - Square dipping their toe for a reason?

As I am sure most of you are aware, recently +Square Enix released Final Fantasy 7 on Steam.

I for one loved the game at release, so much so that I refused to complete the game many months after most of my friends had done so.  I did not buy it day one of release, since money was not an object in good supply during my youth, but my mother did her best and bought me it for christmas of '97, and after waiting through people talking about this great experience - I was not about to let it end quickly.  I ground like a madman around the map, refusing to take part in the storyline until I had discovered everything.

I did not fight Reno for the first time until I had Bolt2.

Back in the now, though, and we see this as the first Final Fantasy released on Steam.  Could this be a portent of things to come?  We are all aware of how popular the platform has become.  From the messy client I was forced to download just to play CS 1.6, I now login every single day to check on deals, see if my friend…