E3 Thoughts - Part 1

Now that the furor surrounding E3 has died down, and we've all finished soaking up the excellent coverage over at +GameTrailers, it's time to put some thoughts to paper, or rather musings to keyboard.

Let's start with Microsoft.  There is no denying the presence of games.  Titanfall looked good, I think it's safe to say, if you like the shooty robot type thing.  Let's face it, we're not fishing in any unknown waters here, it will be lapped up by many and going by first impressions - enjoyed.  I will not comment further, since I believe FPS have delved deeper into the deepest of subterranean pockets to bring something new to the table and frankly I am no longer excited by them.  Destiny did the most to pique my interest, given that they're essentially shooting for the holy grail of WoW but in FPS form.  They have a good shot too, despite the somewhat shaky build.
    But enough talk, have at you!


Bonus points will be awarded to those who recognize the line.  You may award them to yourself, unfortunately I will be unable to attend the ceremony, but you really deserved it etc.

Back to the point in hand.  I will not apologize for the lack of attention anything to do with streaming, TV or functionality will get here.  I buy a console for the games, very rarely pay attention to television outside of a few key shows, and let's face it I can watch them on my television right here. One VGA cable and I am set.

Outside of FPS and sports games, I enjoyed the Killer Instinct information.  It does make you wonder exactly how jam packed the wallet had to be to secure that exclusive, but no doubt it has some clout.  The reception was fantastic and the game looked fun.  I cannot help wondering though... How many consoles will a fighting game shift?  We need only look at esports and how difficult fighting games find it to get a foothold anywhere near the size of Moba, FPS and RTS games.  It's nice, but is it enough to pry eyes away from the veritable toasting Microsoft received later that day?

The dangers of simply hosting your conference earlier, the backlash the community is capable of, there are many lessons to be learned from that week of work at MS.  I get the feeling that a certain amount of employees, prior to E3, were already attempting to get the attention of their management by pointing at the negativity.  I also get the feeling that post E3, the overwhelmingly bad response to some of their decisions combined with the positive response for Sony, may actually be opening their eyes.  

Yes, you've done fantastically well in the prior generation.  Yes, you've implemented exactly what you wanted to with the 360 and people still paid the money, continued to play and enjoy your games.  But there is a threshold to everything, there is only so far you can push people, no matter who they are or what walk of life.  When a competitor asks less of the consumer, in both price and functionality requirements, has a seemingly more powerful product and says the exact opposite of your statement's in theirs... Alarm bells should be ringing.

If the next piece of Microsoft news isn't waving a white flag in some way, well, I'm sure we have some space left in the landfill we piled all those copies of ET into for the 2600 right?


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