Xbox One Reveal - Thoughts

So, here we are. Second to turn up to the party - Xbox One.  It may look like a VCR, but let's have a closer look.

I expect the majority of you have seen the footage, pictures, tweets and posts by now.  In case you've been living under a Malphite for the past few days, and today in particular, then follow this link to see Gametrailers' excellent coverage.

First of all, I must say I am unusually excited by the smallest of hardware details shown.  The ability to tell my console to come on, simply by saying 'Xbox On', almost makes it feel like the future is here and ready for the masses.  Still though, this does clash somewhat with the notion that you should turn your electronics off at the plug.  Not that this really applies to me, to be honest, since this laptop hasn't been off in months.  Granted, I power my electronics through sheer force of awesome, but someone has to think of the little guy.

Far be it from me to talk on the connectivity and social media aspects of the box.  I am a heavy PC user, since it generally does everything I require and as mentioned above, is constantly on due to the stream of awesome-boson particles outwardly flowing from my gills.  Simply put, it is not for me, but it may be for you - so check it out.  For me though, and I expect a fair few of you, it's about the games.  So let's get to it...

I have always been a fan of the Forza series, and I was happy to see it given some air time.  Alas, though, this trailer-come-advert was essentially identical most racing game trailers.  We have those new cars you've seen on +Top Gear and we know you want to drive them, look at how much you'll be able to do it on our thing.  We have the most noises and the loudest graphics, come join us.  Honestly were it not for the name Forza itself, it would be quite underwhelming.  However, since they have an excellent record with the series so far, I expect it will be a good game.  Is it enough to sell a system though?  Alas, no.

So, on to Call of Duty: Ghosts.  Firstly, I have not followed the franchise all too well in recent years.  I felt with Modern Warfare 2 they reached a pinnacle with multiplayer, and anything after that really just layered on top of the theory.  If that was your thing, and for millions it surely was, then all the better for it.  For me however, I did not feel the urge to sink another full price chunk of my hard earned cash on something so similar.  Sadly with this I remain unmoved.  It does look good, I will give them this, and a COD reveal on the latest Microsoft system is almost mandatory these days, but it did little to tickle the fancy which was well and truly satisfied many years ago.

Quantum Break?  What?  Sorry bud, think you have the wrong house, try next door.

All in all then, very underwhelming.  Watching the +Playstation 4 reveal you got a real sense they've shopped their shit around.  They have third party developers hugely excited.  They had characters dancing with the Move, opening up the realms of realtime modeling.  They had +Square Enix show off a video.  Granted, it was an old video, but they turned up to the Sony show and seemed pretty happy to be doing so.  In general, Sony seemed so much more focused on the games, and not only that, so much more prepared.  Third party devs all up in the place and huge amounts more actual footage.  They didn't even show the box and I was more excited about it.

No backwards compatibility, possibly maybe almost always needing a connection ish.  Sorry, it just didn't do it for me.  Don't get me wrong, I expect we'll see more at E3 and in the current generation due to finances I only purchased one console, being the 360.  But if this new generation continues on down this path, I know where my money will end up.  Sony seem committed to getting the most out of developers, giving them the freedom and as such, the ability to make the best games. They are adapting, their conference was new and compelling.  If we're honest, Wednesday was just another Microsoft conference.  For me, that's just not enough any more.


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