LCS Strife

If you immediately thought 'Cloud', we should go out sometime


Just a quick post to say I am loving the +League of Legends LCS competitions. 

Woke up this morning and caught up with last night's matches and I was quite surprised to see team Marn being knocked out.  Looks like having the best Riven player in NA, just isn't quite enough to keep you going.  Today's matches should be great fun, can CLG hold on?  Not sure.

In my opinion, the Spring split of the LCS were essentially the starting points in their respective regions.  We saw the teams we know and love and they finished pretty much where we expected, with the possible exception of the Copenhagen Wolves.  Now though, I expect it to change fairly significantly.  The first wave of teams have had their fun, but mostly because they were already in a team and fairly organized.  This next wave should mark the beginning of a new talent pool.  These new teams are those that have had enough time to form up, practice and get their shit together.  

They may not have managed to get a team together in time previously, but there are players there capable of some crazy plays in there, and I for one look forward to the next full season.


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