Is a 2D sprite based game retro, or indie?


Recruitment system, turn based combat, 2D sprites, overarching all encompassing storyline.  If I didn't lose you there, you know just there, the bit between system and 2D.  If you were not immediately repelled, then go check out the following title.  Click the link with your mouse, you'd be surprised how much you already do that.  You're doing it now. Amazing.

There are huge nods there to games of old.  Suikoden, to name the biggest influence.  Another game I shall write about soon enough.  It is no longer enough recommending it to the desk jockeys I meet every day, I must spread the word to you, my ravenous mini audience.

Anyway, check out the game, it is completely free.  This kind of thing is easily good enough for Greenlight.

~ sal

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